"Arain" by Simon Blanc


The Personal Work of Production Artists

Friday, September 26th - October 27th

"As production artists, our personal work is vital to us in order to grow artistically. We strive to interpret our inner thoughts in an attempt to reach the highest levels of creative self-expression. It is through this process that our passions and our inspirations begin to intertwine and emerge to create a personal state of metamorphosis."

Artist List

  • Alessandro Baldasseroni
  • Brandon Dicks
  • Brian Whitmire
  • Brandon Riza
  • Brandon Young
  • Charles Coffman
  • Chris Bedrosian
  • Nick Whitmire
  • Sze Jones
  • Kevin Margo
  • Francisco Ruiz Velasco
  • Chuck Wojtkiewicz
  • Jason Martin
  • Rini Sugianto
  • Simon Blanc