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You see, I am both a highly invested "Game of Thrones" fan and an internet junkie. I am capable of swimming … but also thrilled us by defying all our expectations. I came to these books more than 10 …

4 Must Read Internet Marketing Books But mostly, this book will teach you how to integrate high-potential bets into your company’s marketing strategy – and will convince you that doing so is the best way to set yourself up for success.

Editing was my first online business, to support me through grad school. I was pretty decent and there was a lot of demand, but I shifted into book cover design, then book marketing, and finally …

Read a list of recommended SEO books and top B2B marketing books in these posts. Also see our list of best digital marketing books. Most of the titles on this best marketing books list are well worth the money and time and will help set you up for a productive year.

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80/20 Sales and Marketing. by Perry Marshall. Are You Tired of the "New Bag Of Tricks" Treadmill Yet? From the author: forbes magazine said "96% Of What You Do Is A Waste" in Eric Wagner’s review of this book.

Most everything I’ve learned (and continue to learn) about marketing and the web has come via the inspiration and example of others—reading amazing blogs, learning from great content, and diving deep into favorite books.

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You see, I am both a highly invested “Game of Thrones” fan and an Internet … books, Stannis has not yet fallen, and Jon is …


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