Google Ad Placement Costs

Google Ads gives you control over your advertising costs. There’s no minimum amount that you have to spend (although your Ad Rank must be high enough for your ads to show). Instead, you set an average daily budget and choose how you’ll spend your money.

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Google AdWords - How To Get No.1 Ad Position With The Lowest CPC! Google Ads is based on an auction system that rewards businesses who have high-quality ad campaigns with lower costs and better ad placement. You can exercise tight control over how your is spent using tactics like ad scheduling, geotargeting, and device targeting.

A Display Network placement can refer to several things, such as an entire website, a subset of a website (such as specific pages from that site), an individual ad unit positioned on a single page, a video, a mobile phone app, and more.

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Unlike ad rank, which is where on Google search results your ad appears, ad placement includes which network you choose for your ad to display on, device types, and location targeting. Each of these options will influence the placement, competition level, and cost of your clicks.


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Placement targeting is the narrowest targeting on the GDN. With placement targeting, advertisers provide Google with a list of specific websites they would like their ads to show up on. For your ad to …

With any digital advertising campaign, you may have several placements, cost models, and budgets in place, and knowing your average spend is important to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. …

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